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Our Companion CBD Oil was developed to treat our beloved pets to the same health and wellness that we treat ourselves to. All mammals, including humans, dogs, cats, and even llamas, have an endocannabinoid system that produces endogenous cannabinoids similar to CBD and impact the whole organism. This means that our fluffy friends can experience the same health benefits from CBD that we can! Some animals may not love the taste of our Companion CBD Oil, which is why we created our 5 mg Pet CBD Capsules to provide an easy, taste-neutral experience for our pets.

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Pet Friendly CBD Companion Products

Helps to Calm and Relax
Your Pets before: 

Grooming sessions
Vet appointments
Car rides



Guidelines are based on weight.

The CBD dosing below are based on the 250mg Blue Llama Companion Oil & 250mg Companion Capsules.

Under 10 lbs = 1-3 drops
11-20 lbs = 4-8 drops
21-45 lbs = 9-12 drops
46-74 lbs = 16-20 drops/one capsule


Our Companion CBD Oil is easy to dose and is ideal for smaller animals weighing up to 50 lbs. We also offer Companion CBD Capsules, which are taste-neutral and contain 15 mg of full spectrum CBD, perfect for larger pets over 50 lbs. 

Our Companion CBD Lotion, Oils, and Capsules are also excellent for relieving pain and inflammation in muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments, whether caused by overexertion, injury, arthritis, or other related conditions. Additionally, our Companion and Equine CBD Lotion is fast and effective in treating rain rot, fungus, scratches, hot spots, and various forms of dermatitis and skin irritations.  

Blue Llama Products are also available at all 35 Big R Stores in Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Nebraska and Kansas.

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