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CBD-Infused Lotions, Creams, and Topicals

Blue Llama CBD Therapeutic Creams and Lotions are a rejuvenating combination of carefully selected botanical ingredients and vitamins, combined with Full Spectrum CBD Oil to provide a natural, soothing relief for targeting specific areas of the body.

Our transdermal formula is intended to provide a targeted effect to the area where it is applied.  Our proprietary formula penetrates beneath the top few layers of skin and is designed to take effect at a deeper level than traditional topicals.

Also good for many types of dermatitis, abrasions, and dry, minor burns, insect bites, cracked feet and hands.

As a body lotion, CBD protects the skin from environmental hazards like sunlight and pollution and as a powerful antioxidant, minimizes collage loss and dryness.                                                                                 

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