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More Reviews & Testimonials

I have been taking the CBD softgel capsules since they became available and have noticed a big difference in my knees. I have had multiple surgeries on my knee and used to suffer from significant inflammation, but the CBD has greatly reduced that after strenuous workouts or trail runs. I highly recommend!

Jason Menegatti


I’m not one to write reviews, but I sure take advice from them. I have used this product extensively on my horses. The CBD cream has cured everything from abscesses caused from strangles to severe dry skin under the mane. It has worked when nothing else would. It is my go to for sure! Wounds, scratches, dryness, I’ll use it.

Emily Menegatti



"I ordered some (Blue Llama CBD Cream) a few months back and shared it with my mom. She has arthritis real bad in her hands. And is recovering from a broken ankle. She loves this cream. Says it helps with the arthritis pain and her therapist is using it on her ankle and says it helps with that as well. Thank you so much"

Belinda Jackson



"When I started taking your CBD OIL almost 3 years ago I found so much relief from my arthritis and joint replacement pain that my husband soon joined me in taking it daily. We are still both taking it and are able to continue our activities of bowling, walking and biking. I did try another brand once (as seniors, always looking to save a few dollars) and came back to Blue LLama! Yours is the best we have found!"

Janet Romig



Darren Pantleo


I have been using Blue Llama Cream for about 7 years.  It's the only cream of this type that instantly removes my pain.  There is no residue or greasiness.  It's very affordable & lasts a long time.  I would highly recommend it to anyone!


Lee Ann Akers


I love the Companion CBD Lotion!  I use it on my oldest llama with arthritis.  I believe it is helping him.  Plus he loves having it applied on his topline.  The applicator bottle makes the application easy.  Im trying it on a hotspot on another llama and it also seem to be helping.  I will continue to keep this on hand.  Not only is it good for my llamas, I love it too. :)

Dr. Kristy Brown, DVM


"My husband started taking your product (Blue Llama CBD Oil) to counter the side effects of chemotherapy. It really helped with the nausea and pain he encountered during his cancer treatments and helped with his general well-being. It made his last months more comfortable and tolerable, and I am grateful for the relief he had thanks to the CBD oil"


Ted Tallon


I have an 11 year old Aussie.  She was severely injured a few years back and it was getting hard for her to get around.  I bought a bottle of your product (Blue Llama Companion CBD Oil) at Big R and it made day and night difference for her.  When I went back for more they were sold out.  That is when we started buying from you direct.  I don't even want to try anyone       else's!

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